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Fully stocked laboratoryYour product. Your way.Sample label.When size matters.Areosol spray can ready for custom labels.Areosols with caps.Hand-size containers.Industrial drums.Barrels of varying size.You pick the size to meet your specify need.Some standard barrels.Pails are available in many colors.Toll blend to your exacting color.Our lab technicians have the tools to help develop your product.Thousands of base chemicals, scents, dyes and blends readily available.Liquid, solid, powder or sprays our lab technicians can help you get your product to market.No formula is too complex.We have decades of chemical blending experience.PDQ Manufacturing has a large number of base formulas to help you get started. PDQ Manufacturing can provide warehousing for your products.We can package and ship your product your way.High volume vats.large drums ideal for industrial applications.Full skid containers designed for large volume shipping.Prepping for a shipment.Large shipping containers.Secured storage of hazardous material. Large shipments are no problem.Custom labels.We will help you design labels for your products.We will stock your labels.