Who We Are

PDQ Manufacturing is a producer of premium industrial, institutional and commercial maintenance chemicals.

Who Our Customers Are

Our customers are Canadian distributors* and resellers* of private label chemical-based products.  Whether they have an exacting formula and a detailed specification or just an idea, PDQ Manufacturing can get their product from concept to warehouse.

*We sell high-volume and do not sell retail.

Services We Provide

Much like the end product, our services are tailor made to meet customer needs.  While some customers require a complete turnkey solution, taking the product from concept to creation; others want only a select number of services.  Either way PDQ Manufacturing is tooled to adapt to the customer's needs.

Some of the services PDQ Manufacturing provides:

Chemical Formulations
Toll Blending
Private Labeling
Container Sourcing
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Creation
OEM Branding
Product Development
Product Warehousing/Shipping
Sales Force Training

Products We Sell

PDQ Manufacturing has a number of products available to complement your inventory of products.
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Proud member since 2004.
33 Melford Drive, Unit #6, Scarborough, ON M1B 2G6
Phone:     416-754-4623
Toll Free: 1-877-754-4623
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Special Applications

Smoke & Odour Restoration Cleanser
Janitorial Products

Bacteria Drain Products
Floor Cleaners
Acid Descaler
Alkaline Descaler
Water Treatments

Cooling Tower Treatment
Boiler Water Treatment
Hot Water Heating
Alkalinity Booster
Acid Descaler
Alkaline Descaler